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Why Us?

Everything Organik is a non commercial venture and close to heart project of a highly motivated professional Anoop Varma a veteran from the Media & Entertainment Industry. The person behind Everything Organik is someone with a strong passion towards promoting the organic movement and creating an awareness of potential health hazards, chemical body burden and natural wellness which is very steadily increasing and with consumers becoming more mindful of everything they use in their day to day lives and firmly believe that buying organic food should not be a luxury, it should be a convenience!

Who are We?

In today’s busy world where time is a constraint, team Everything Organik became the medium between farmers who are growing organic produce and customers who want to eat organic. We got their produce to our markets and by buying from us, the consumers helped us pay the organic farmers a reasonable price and support their hard work.

What was the purpose?

The purpose behind doing this is to create awareness that there exists a platform which is helping the small farmers and getting their produce to your doorstep completely fresh and minus the middlemen and thus making the organic produce affordable.

What Do our Farmers have?

Our farmers under our supervision are NPOP and USDA certified organic and lab tested as well.

How do we ensure that our produce is organic?

Our founder has personally involved with farmers right from the certification process (which is done by a government aided agency called APEDA, Indocert, India Org) and then soil testing, produce testing etc. Team Everything Organik randomly visit various farms before they start taking produce from them and also get test reports done, they follow this process every 3-4 months as a part of the surprise check. We do not onboard a farmer without due diligence.

What do you mean when you say your farmers follow traditional methods of farming?

Our farmers use naturally available resources such as cow dung, cow urine and plants such as neem, dhatura etc.to increase soil fertility and increase natural resistance of the plant to fight pests. And desi/indigenous seeds are created from the plants naturally and re-used for next harvest.

Why is the ordering a day before?

Because we don’t pre harvest and send you stuff but we deliver freshly plucked produce only for which our farmers need a day prior intimation.

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