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Everything Organik is a non commercial venture and the brain-child of a highly motivated professional Anoop Varma, a veteran from the Media & Entertainment Industry. The mission statement “Facilitating Organic Lifestyles”, underlines their core philosophy and competence. The person behind Everything Organik, is someone with a strong passion towards promoting the organic movement and creating an awareness of potential health hazards, chemical body burden and natural wellness, which is very steadily increasing and with consumers becoming more mindful of everything they use in their day to day lives and firmly believe that buying organic food should not be a luxury, it should be a convenience! 

Just to give you an insight on our process to identify the farms, in early 2013-14, we started visiting farms of small farmers whom we met at the organic markets. During our visits, we realised that that while they had been growing organically for over one and a half decades, they lacked the certification process and other processes. Our Founder has personally helped these farmers right from the certification process (which is done by a government aided agency called APEDA, Indocert, India Org) to soil, water, produce testing etc.

We personally look into the quality control and have empanelled retired professors from the department of agriculture from various universities helping us to educate the farmers with new techniques. 

In today’s busy world where time is a constraint, team Everything Organik took the initiative of approaching certain condominiums to set up a mini organic market over the weekends in order to bring clean pesticide free produce to people’s homes and became the medium between farmers who were growing organic produce and customers who wanted to eat organic. Everything Organik has in the last 50-52 months successfully hosted organic markets in various condominiums in the areas of DLF Phase 5, Golf Course extension road, DLF 4. Sector 31 etc in our quest to promote the organic movement with consumers. The market is set up like a mini carnival with Organic breakfast, fresh health drink, vegetables, staples, breads, cakes, muffins, poultry items and much more.


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